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Child Relocation Lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada

If a child is living under the care of a parent or guardian that harms them physically, sexually, or emotionally, it is important to immediately seek out our firm for an experienced child relocation lawyer. For the sake of the child's health and development, completely changing their environment is an extreme yet necessary step towards ensuring their safety and development. We work closely with you and Child Protective Services to make sure that the child relocation goes smoothly and is completely within the boundaries of the law.

Relocating a child is an important decision to make. Assessing whether the child is a victim of abuse is hard enough, but the decision to remove them from their home is a huge choice. This is why our child relocation attorney does everything possible to ease the difficulty of the procedure. No matter how difficult it may seem for the child to leave home, relocating a child leads to a healthier development and a safer life. We go through all the leg-work of beginning the process of changing a child's life for the better.

When is a Child Relocation Attorney Necessary?

The first step in determining whether or not the services of a child relocation attorney are needed is identifying the signs of abuse. Whether it is physical, emotional, sexual, or neglectful abuse, the best situation for the child is to be removed from the abusive environment. If you see signs of abuse or neglect in a home, it is of the utmost importance to act quickly. Our law firm is dedicated to providing the compassionate, level-headed service you need when faced with a case of abuse. If you see any of the following signs of child abuse, do not hesitate to seek us out immediately:

  • Untreated Injuries
  • Attempted Suicide
  • Poor Personal Hygiene
  • Avoiding a Particular Parent
  • Discomfort Using the Bathroom
  • Constant Sickness Due to Fatigue
  • Self-Inflicted Harm
  • Developmental Delays
  • Bleeding Through Pants
  • Higher Than Normal Fear or Depression
  • Recurring Injuries with No Explanation
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Child relocation is the quickest and safest way to handle cases of abuse in which both of the parents or guardians are abusive or only one abusive parent has legal guardianship. Our attorneys handle each case with delicacy, knowing the implications of relocating a child. Each case is unique, and each case deserves a lawyer that fights for the rights and safety of a child in need.

Contact us today if you need help getting a child out of an abusive situation and into a positive environment. We are proud to serve all areas of southern Nevada including Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City, Nevada.