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Child Abuse Lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada

Ensure the protection and safety of your child or grandchild from abuse by hiring a child abuse lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada, with the compassion and drive to fight for their rights. Owen Law Firm has more than 30 years of experience defending victims of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Whether you are the parent, legal guardian, or grandparent of a victim of neglect or abuse, we help determine child custody or any other child services in order to best protect the minor. Our child abuse attorney offers consultations on determining the signs of abuse or neglect, and how to best begin the process of getting the victim the care he or she needs and deserves.

If you suspect a child is living in an abusive or neglectful home, their health, and emotional and physical development and well-being depend on you doing what needs to be done. Depend on a child abuse lawyer who will go to whatever lengths necessary to ensure they get the childhood they deserve.

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When to Contact a Child Abuse Attorney

As the legal guardian or a family member of a child you suspect is being neglected or abused, it is absolutely pivotal that you contact our attorneys for the sake of the child's safety and health. The moment you see signs of abuse, come to us to help you work with Child Protective Services to keep the child safe. In some cases, both of the child's legal guardians are abusive, making it necessary for our child abuse lawyer to work with you on child relocation. We will help you to reevaluate custody so that the child can grow up in a healthier, more caring environment. Every situation is different, and needs to be assessed on an individual basis, as abuse and neglect present in various ways.

Our experienced child abuse attorney helps you determine whether or not abuse or neglect is likely in a child's case. Physical abuse presents with injuries in patterns that have no explanation, signs of past abuse, and lack of medical treatment for injuries. Emotional abuse is often harder to detect, but usually presents with the child avoiding a particular parent or guardian, self-infliction of harm, and higher than average fear, anger, or sadness. Sexual abuse comes in many forms, but the signs usually involve bleeding through pants, attempted suicide, knowing more about sex than other children their age, and awkwardness when using the bathroom.

Contact us as soon as you suspect that a child is being subjected to abuse or neglect. We are proud to serve all areas of southern Nevada including Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City, Nevada.